Bible passages          Mark 3v1-6 (CEV)   M3    Luke 10v25-37 (CEV)   L10    John 21:1-17 (CEV and 15-17 Greek)
Philip Teaches the Man from Ethiopia      The story in PDF format      p4      p6      The passage in Hebrew      p10
God is not God of the dead, but of the living.    Jehovah, ... the God of Abraham (present, not past tense)      God is the God of Abraham (present, not past tense)

Christmas readings:    Luke 1:26-56; Luke 2:5-20   Jpeg format   Luke 1:26-56      Luke 2:5-20

The Bible is a library of books, 66 books in all. 39 in the Old Testament (old Covenant) and 27 in the New Testament (new Covenant)
A bookcase view of the Bible

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