Code breaks and unscambles to bring honour to God

God leovd the plepoe       Most well-known verse (QG1 2)       John 13:34-35 (SB1 3-2)
The Baa Code (SG2 7-3 BLM13)       A puzzle in Baa Code (SG2 8-2 and 8-3)
I SA UYO (QG1 3-x)       OVEL HACE HOTER (QG1 3-x)
1Peter 1v3 (SG1 2-x)       Review questions (SG1 2-x)     As     The code       2Timothy 3v16-17 n Luke 3v22 (QG1 4-x)
If God is rael and he ceterad entyrvhieg
Clueless crossword Jn15      
Why Jesus (SY1 1-2)     As       Jesus' purpose (SY1 2-x)
Instructions from the Bible (QY1 5-1)
Day 1 God creates (LY1 4-1)     As       Day 2 God creates (LY1 4-2)     As
Why trust God (TY1 4-1)     As
We can __oo__ (SY1 5-1)       _o_ s_i_l _o_e_ (QY1 5-3)